The Source becomes
Life Church 

Lifechurch logo RGBThe youngest church in the growing town of Brackley has changed its name to ensure it remains relevant to the community it serves.

Founded in 2009 as The Source, the church has now become Life Church, Brackley.

"When we felt called to start a new church in Brackley The Source seemed like a great way to point people to Jesus - the Source of life," said David Withers one of the church leadership team, "but over the years the name has often required explanation to the world at large."

On reflection we felt that Life Church, Brackley was a more obvious statement about our desire to introduce people to the life we experience, as a group of Christian believers, because of our faith in Jesus.

Life Church, Brackley meets at the Baptist Church hall in Waynflete Close  Brackley every Sunday at 4pm and has a full programme catering for all ages.

More information about the church and it's mission can be found at