Easter Challenges

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 Right guys, get your creative skills at the ready as we remember Jesus' love for us in the Easter story and show that kindness to others:

Challenge 1 (23/03/2020):

    Think about some one who might be lonely at the moment. Maybe it's a neighbour, a friend or a grandparent . Our challenge to you is to send them something to cheer them up and help them know they are appreciated. You can:
            - Write them a letter
            - Draw them a picture
            - send them a video message
            - or just get creative
    Easter Story: We love to help people who are lonely because we all know it's sad when we get left out. God wanted soooooo much for us to be in a friendship with him that he died so that we might not be lonely and have God with us all the time

Challenge 2 (30/03/2020):
    Our parents do soooo much for us!!! and sometimes we don't even notice. We challenge you to find creative ways to thank them for what they do. Maybe you could:
                - Buy a gift?
                - bake them a cake?
                - Say thank you to them for 15 different things this week
                - Make them some Easter crafts:

Easter story: We're so grateful to our parents because they do so much for us!!! The bible describes God as our father because he loves us so much that he gives us the best gift ever, Jesus!!! That's what we celebrate at Easter :)   

Challenge 3 (06/04/2020):
  Does your house sometimes get reeeaaalllllly messy? I know mine can! How can we show kindness to our parents this week by helping out in the house???

Sweep the floor = 3 points
Washing up = 2 points
Drying up = 2 points
Tidying your room = 5 points
empty the dishwasher = 1 point
Hoover the stairs = 2 points
Set the table = 1 point 
Make your bed = 1 point
Do the Laundry = 7 points
(Your parents can set you other challenges for points)

Email your scores into tara@lifechurchbrackley with your scores and the highest score gets a Prize!!!
Easter Story: We can help clean up other peoples mess because Jesus was willing to clean up our mess!!! Sometimes when we're upset or things hurt us life can feel very messy. Jesus wants to take our mess and help us!

Challenge 4 (13/04/2020): 
    Our town is full of lots of different people. Let's show kindness to all of Brackley this week. Or challenge is to fill your bedroom window with pictures and words of encouragement for everyone to see as they walk past your house.

Easter Story: Jesus rose again so that everyone could see that there is hope all the time.

If you have attempted all of the challenges please email tara@lifechurchbrackley.com. Show some pictures or your challenges and tell us your address and their might be a prize waiting for you!!!

LifeChurch Brackley, 16/03/2020