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Essentially because we believe we were designed for relationships and so need to be connected. Life is better connected because connected people go further faster.

As we get involved in real people’s lives, faith leaves the realm of religious information and becomes a vibrant part of life in the real world. We need people to speak love and life into us and we are designed to do the same for others. Life groups are simply our way of helping to facilitate opportunities to do life alongside other people - to get life and to give life.  



Small groups within a larger community designed to help cultivate relationships and create opportunities for life change. Essentially they are groups of between 6-8 people, which form secure environments that nurture growth & produce fruit by sharing life together. Life groups are designed to be places where people can show up, join in and be real.



We recognise that everyone’s circumstances and commitments are different. Shift work, family commitments and a whole bunch of other stuff can mean that being around every week on the same night doesn’t work and as a result some people opt out! So we want to create a model that allows flexibility within a frame-work so you can design when you meet to best meet the needs and life-demands of the group. It may be day-time, evening or even early doors over a coffee and a bacon butty. The main thing is to find a way to get connected and then commit to being connected.

Having a small group enables you to be more flexible to change the night / time one week to suit, if other things come up. The most important thing is to create a culture where everyone owns the group.


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