25th-31st May - Prayers for the week ahead


Father God, today we pray for godly wisdom for all those who are making plans for schools to reopen, for the government, national and local, for teaching staff and for parents. We pray that wise decisions will be made to implement and aid the following of basic principles that will help keep students, teachers and staff safe at school and stop the spread of this disease. May the national health and education authorities co-ordinate well together, share known information and be supportive to all schools and children. 

We pray that children’s concerns and questions will be addressed in a child-friendly way and that mental health and psychosocial support will be available to all who need it. Please help health workers and social workers to identify and support students and staff who exhibit signs of distress. 

We thank you for all the precious children in the world and we pray you would help us all to do all we can to protect them, please bless every pair of hands that is working to help children return to school. We praise you that you are fully in control of all things and we pray you would protect our children, keep them healthy and help them to thrive. We thank you that you know every hair on their head, you know exactly when they rise and when they fall and each one is precious in your sight.


Heavenly Father, we praise you for you are the God of all compassion and comfort and you listen to our prayers. Today we pray for our world, our nation and our town. Please bring help to all our communities according to their needs. Merciful God, please provide a cure and give wisdom to those seeking to develop a vaccine for this virus. 

We pray, too, for ourselves. Enable us to walk by faith. Help us to be careful and wise in taking whatever precautions are necessary to limit and contain the spread of this virus. Strengthen us to remain calm while being vigilant; seeking the welfare of others above ourselves.  

During this time of uncertainty and anxiety, help our world look to you. Please grant us courage and provide us with opportunities as we point others to the One in whom there is always hope. Strengthen us for our witness and work in our communities and help us to boldly confess our trust in you and speak of your grace and glory to our anxious and fearful world. 


Father God today we pray for those who are most vulnerable and isolated among us, those who do not really understand what is happening and feel confused, those who are in danger in their own homes, those with other underlying health issues, financial concerns and are missing loved ones and family.  

We pray for all of those who call out to you and long to hear your voice of reassurance, for those struggling with depression, relationship breakdown, bereavement, for those who feel lost and life devoid of meaning, for those struggling with chronic pain or terminal illness, for the poor, homeless and unemployed, please speak into each and every situation and may your grace bring help and hope.  

We thank you Heavenly Father that you can flood our hearts with light and that we can know and understand the hope to which You have called us.  Ephesians 1:18 Sovereign Lord, you alone are the hope and healer of your people. You have promised us the hope of a world where there will be no more sorrow, sickness or dying. Comfort and heal we pray merciful Lord, all who are in sorrow, need, sickness and trouble.


Great God and Heavenly Father, Please come powerfully to our nation in these dark and difficult days. Please give each one of us the calmness and wisdom and love we need to carry us through the days, weeks and months ahead. Please plant into the heart of each of us the spirit to love our neighbours as ourselves, to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in caring for those around us, friends and strangers, as you draw our communities together in love. 

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you understand our suffering for you have suffered, you saw your beloved Son suffer rejection, humiliation and death on the cross to rescue us from the powers of darkness. Please bring great good out of this great evil; please remind each of us that we do not need to make the journey of life on our own, in our own strength, but that you are here, as close to us as our own breath, to fill our hearts with your love, surround us with your powerful protective arms and guide us in your path we pray.


Heavenly Father today we pray for the church and we thank you for the many creative ways churches are serving their congregations and communities during this pandemic. We pray for wisdom for church leaders as they continue to evaluate best practices for caring for their congregations and communities and that they will have the discernment to faithfully shepherd their flock. 

Please bless our leaders with strength, stamina and good health and with time to study Scripture and come into your presence in prayer and also please bless their families who are making tremendous sacrifices during this time.  May your gospel be proclaimed clearly, Your word taught faithfully and may many hear and respond to the gospel.  

We also pray for persecuted Christians and their leaders around the world, may they know the hope found in You, may the Holy Spirit strengthen them, and may they know how much You love them. We pray that they would have access to a Bible and for those who have been rejected by family and friends we pray that You would surround them with a new Christian family who loves and supports them emotionally and physically. Please protect them. We thank you that in You all men are blessed.


Nothing can separate us from the Father’s unfailing love and kindness, not even sickness or the fear of tomorrow. You are our Light as we walk in this darkness. We will remember to celebrate the beautiful gifts You have given us in this present moment. 

Almighty God, You are our Rock, our Refuge from the enemy, our hiding place. You calm our frantic thoughts and fill our despairing hearts with joy and strength. In Your Presence living water springs forth in the wilderness. You restore our souls.



Life Church Administrator, 04/05/2020